Wonderland: Asylum by Raven Gregory and Patrick Shand review

Wonderland: Asylum - Raven Gregory, Patrick Shand

Let it be known that I received an ARC copy of Wonderland: Asylum in exchange for a fair and honest review.


Wonderland: Asylum
Raven Gregory and Patrick Shand
Released: 1st June, 2014

Book Summary:

Exiled in the realm of Wonderland, the legacy of the Mad Hatter claimed Johnny Liddle's soul creating one of the greatest villains the world has ever known. But the true horror of what Wonderland is has never been revealed - until now! They thought the realm of madness was trapped in Wonderland. They were wrong!

What I like: Asylum has plenty of humor that is easy to see and isn't always that dark, despite being more of a dark graphic novel. The art style works for this graphic novel, and there's plenty of expression and position changing to show the variety and give an impression at how the character feels.


What I didn’t like: There were inconsistencies with Violet's outfit, some pieces were left off one panel when they're there in the previous or next panel and it was a bit disappointing that that managed to slip by when it was being published. Some pieces were also drawn larger in a far away scope of Violet but close up they were shrunk in size and didn't seem to fit the same. The inconsistencies in the graphic novel were disappointing.


Overall review: Wonderland: Asylum is a good continuation of the Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland graphic novels, and an enjoyable read. I haven't read all of the other Wonderland books yet but with a bit of introduction in the beginning of it about what's happened made it quick enough for me to understand what I have yet to read and enjoy it. While I felt at time the dialogue that didn't exactly flow right and the art errors I saw I did like it. The cover was done very well, I enjoyed the characters, and the idea was great to me.


Recommend?: For those that have read the rest of the Wonderland books, I would suggest them to read this as it could be a bit unsettling for a newcomer to jump into the series with this one, which takes place after Wonderland #19

Goodreads: 2.8/5   Amazon: 4/5   Barnes&Nobles: -/5   BookDepository: -/5


My Rating: 4.4/5


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