Flawless - Jennifer McGill-Sadera What I liked: The imperfections in each of the characters. From poor judgement, to narcissism, and even the moments of jealous-hate, the imperfections in each of the characters made me love them all the more. I went into this book not realizing how true so many of this books reviews are, it's completely five star worthy! From Lia, who we follow in late high school all the way to her thirties, we have a character who knows something is missing in her life. We follow her as she makes mistakes, makes human choices that don't always end like she hoped. You can feel how she feels, all the hope and desperation, and so much more. I doubt I'll ever be able to explain everything I liked with this book because there's just so much about this book that I enjoyed. The journey was long (over 700 pages!) but I'm incredibly glad the author chose to wait and let me read the revised edition of this novel. It was absolutely fantastic and I read it all in a day because I just couldn't put the book down! Suffice to say, while there's so much to read in the novel, it's worth the read because of the connection I felt to the story and to emotions it pulled out of me.

What I didn't like: Sometimes there were moments that lacked the punch I was expecting from the reveals, especially the big reveal of the story that we learn, the reason behind her apathy. I just felt it could have been delivered better with all the tension leading up to the reveal. Though Lia's reaction was apt for such a reveal, it's delivery just felt like it was slightly lacking.

Overall Review: Flawless is a beautiful book, full of love, loss, hope and so much more than I can tell. Lia is a character who is flawed and imperfect just like any human and incredibly relate-able with her story. Every chapter is riveting and full of emotions, each character a pile of personality traits and characteristics and quirks shaped so wonderfully into memorable characters who you'll remember long after you finish the book.

Recommend?: I do! Incredibly so. It's a beautiful book and though I have a ecopy of it I am definitely getting a physical copy of this book ASAP to hold and cherish and read a million times over. This is for me my pick of the year in all the books I've read and a must-read!