Aqua - M. A. George What I liked: This is yet another book that was very different from what I was expecting to read. And again, I really liked it. I loved the history tidbits about the Açiali people, and the mystery of what’s happening to Layla. I really felt that this was a unique fantasy with what the Açiali can do, and how they came about. I loved that the Açiali aren’t the only ones who can do what they do, but there are other tribes of people as well and I really wish we could have learned more about the different tribes like the Açiali and spent more time with them (all though it makes sense in the book why they couldn’t, I just feel like it would have been really interesting). I also loved the language that the tribes speak, it looks like it would be fun to speak and it made sense in a way with how it looked, it was consistent.

What I didn’t like: There were definitely parts that were rushed, any they happened towards the end. Especially the big rescue that happens, I get the travel time it took, but that part still felt rushed. There was also a lack of detail about some things and I had a hard time maintaining the image of some of the characters who were in the story while not having one for some.

Overall Review: I really ended up loving this story, and it gets plenty of point for how original the story is, and the way the cover ties in to the story now that I’ve read the story. I liked the characters, and I got the exact sense for one of the characters the author was trying to portray, so I was really happy about that, it elicited emotions out of me which is something that gave me another connection to the story. I loved learning about the characters and the little twist we had here and there, some of them were a little unexpected but I was really pleased by them overall!

Recommend?: Definitely to fantasy lovers who are looking for a new and unique read, make sure to read this one!