Eternal Destiny

Eternal Destiny - Tahlia Newland What I liked: This book really brought the stakes to the table and showed the characters who are vastly different from book one in many ways as they've climbed the mountain together. All the challenges presented that we are presented are handled in ways that I wasn't always expecting, especially with how Nick handled Cogin. The challenges don't just stop there, they continue even as they face the Rasama to try and defeat the Rasama to help the world and destroy the Serpetine.

What I didn't like: Sometimes there was just, maybe, too many challenges to face, and too much of suffering in this book even though it is the final book.

Overall Review: I really enjoyed this book and while I can't say much in fear of giving too much about this book away, it was one engaging and thrilling ride from start to finish that I kept turning my pages to see what would happen next. After a slower paced third book all the action picks back up and goes double time as they race to the finish of the journey up the mountain!

Recommend?: Yes! A fantastic conclusion to a wonderful series!