Transformed - E.V. Fairfall What I liked: I loved the concept of this book, it's different from others that I've read before. Thea is Mother Earth herself, and spends quite a bit of time in the book as an animal, and being human for her is harder than she thought since she doesn't understand them and their ways. She's only human to try and make Brice merciful to the creatures he hunts so he doesn't just hunt for fun, but for necessary food. The little pieces underneath the number of each chapter were also interesting to read, because we got a little story from them when they were put together about what happened. While a slow starting book it does pick up the pace, revealing things that even Thea had no idea about and ends up having to make tough choices. The book does have a lovely ending though, and I found myself pleased with it once it was all over. I also loved that while Thea could take on any form of an animal she wished, she generally turned into a deer, something that was peaceful and it spoke a lot about how she perceived herself. Also, her plan to make Brice become merciful didn't really make sense in the beginning, but since she wasn't familiar with Brice or humans in general it made sense in a way.

What I didn't like: I thought Brice would be one of those characters who would show he's not a really bad person but he's really not that good of a person. Arrogance and narcissism are his constant companions. He also has no respect for Thea since she is pretty and, admittedly, a little ignorant on the ways of humans. I also felt like Thea should have been more assertive and confident throughout the story, she's Mother Earth. She's thousands of years old and can turn into any animal she likes. I felt like she should have been more comfortable with her other forms in some ways that she didn't seem to be.

Overall Review: Transformed is a wonderful story, and although the summary comes off as having a love triangle the story is quick to reveal that that is not the case. This story features characters that are not always as they seem when you first meet them and can surprise you.

Recommend?: Yes! I do simply because the concept surrounding this book is different from anything I've yet read! Definitely worth the read.