Repossession - Rachael Wade What I liked: I still have not a single clue as that what is going on with the cover, but it is rather gorgeous, yes? On to the story, I found Repossession to be a quick, entertaining read that kept me on my toes the entire time I read it. I never knew what was going to happen, and some things really did surprise me throughout the story but those moments kept me on my feet and wondering what was going to happen next. That sort of suspense kept me turning the pages as quickly as I could read the words. I rather quite enjoyed the characters, they made some terrible decisions at some points and those decisions did have an impact on the way the story happened. Skylla made some hard choices in the book that I doubt I would have ever wanted to make, and I find her quite brave because of them. Of course she is human and has her faults, and I found her somewhat brash. Especially towards Jet, who of course did kidnap her but never does anything but try to help her as soon as he’s introduced. Kidnapping aside, Jet is a person who is lost and doing all he can to reach his goal which happens to be on the coast, the last place Skylla wants to be now that the Invaders have appeared. I liked the weapons that the Invaders have, they were interesting and fit the way the Invaders seem to be.

What I didn’t like: While the big twist about the Invaders wasn’t too clear ahead of time, there really wasn’t much of a “punch” behind it. Skylla also just seemed like a girl who knew how to defend and take care of herself but apparently she stayed in her town after her parents were killed. It just didn’t make sense. In who’s right mind do you stay in the town you know has been invaded by aliens instead of getting things together and striking it out in the wilderness? It seemed like such common sense to me that you don’t stick around in the town. Plus the romance was very…iffy for me. It happened too fast, and with little conviction. I just didn’t get on board with it.

Overall Review: While this novel has some questionable aspects to it, overall it was a good read with an interesting plot and characters who I followed through the story. We had some rather questionable characters in here as well, ones who turned out to be quite different from the way they originally came off. I enjoyed the writing, it flowed well and made the story interesting as well as provided interesting details about the world Skylla was travelling now that the world had ended.

Recommend?: I do believe this is a book that will be a hit or miss with everyone who reads it; you’ll either like it or you won’t. Some people will likely find themselves questioning about whether they like it as well.