The Night House

The Night House - Rachel Tafoya What I liked: I loved this story and it’s characters. Bianca is struggling with her addiction to nauth, the poison vampires give the people they bite that causes euphoria. James is an Empath, he can feel whatever the people around him are feeling like it’s he himself who feels like that. Both of these characters are characters who you will love to read, and then there’s the side characters who you will enjoy having in the novel as they each bring something to the novel themselves. This story managed to keep me on my toes the entire time I was read it, turning from page to page to try and see just what happens next! The side characters are also characters who you will enjoy or really dislike, depending on the character. Sometimes both, at least I felt that way about one of the characters.

What I didn’t like: To me there was a parallel to the fact that vampires produced something that would give the people they bite a feeling of euphoria between this book and Vampire Academy. It’s the linking thread between both books and I could always chalk it up to inspiration from another book. There’s enough differences between the two (the feeling of euphoria is something that takes a while for the person getting bit in The Night House) that while it was a little jarring to see something I’ve read in only one other vampire book, the two things were not the same for the most part.

Overall Review: With a story line that is different from many of the vampire books I’ve read in the past, The Night House is a story that will have you turning the pages to find out just what happens next. It’s different from your average vampire book, and features characters who we get to watch grow and change as the novel carries on. With a seemingly very well planned plot, this novel will leave you wanting more by the end, and it makes me wonder just what to expect from the next book Rachael Tafoya puts out as well!

b>Recommend?: Vampire lovers you should read this one because it’s a refreshingly different book from the sea of other vampire books out there. It’s highly entertaining and I don’t think you should miss it!