Altaica (The Chronicles of Altaica, #1)

Altaica (The Chronicles of Altaica, #1) - Tracy M. Joyce I received this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.

Altaica it the first book in the Chronicles of Altaica series and sets up the story that's to be told. The book starts off at a rather quick pace, pulling you in to the story where we learn about an invading army and a group of villagers desperate to escape from them, but then the story hits a lull, nothing really happens after they escape and it's languid pace was a bit off setting. The story pace picks up again once we switch to a new set of characters on the continent of Altaica. Here we learn quickly about three clans, Boar Horse and Bear, and learn a little about a group of people known as Kenati. We learn that there was a war not long ago and that the people of Boar clan are bitter about the loss they suffered in it. As the story progresses we meet more character, a few forgettable who are seemingly not a big part of the story but others we learn they are. The rest of the story is quick paced, and there are many thing that set up the potential for the second book, set to release next year. Overall, Altaica is an enjoyable read and the characters we see a lot of we begin to become fond of, save a few who cause problems among both groups, stirring up trouble and distension within both.

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