Glory: The Complete Saga Hc

Glory: The Complete Saga Hc - Joe Keatinge, Ross Campbell I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

I expected a lot more with this book, but it didn't really deliver to me. The art style was a little off and sometimes the poses just didn't look right to me. It was very strange. It also seemed inconsistent throughout the story, and the storyline didn't seem to make that much sense to me either. Honestly if the main character, Glory, was to bring about peace between two warring races then wouldn't they have been more concerned about getting her back? A fair bit of the dialogue was also rather stiff, and didn't seem to flow right. And there's problems with the French that appears, I even asked my French teacher because I don't speak French and they said that several parts were wrong and proceeded to tell me the correct way for it to be. It was like the person who wrote the dialogue either knew really basic French and looked up a bunch of words and didn't even have anyone check it for accuracy, or wrote English dialogue and put it in an online translator. Then there's Riley, who can see Glory in her dreams? That was really strange and I found it a rather boring way to do that because it's overused in my opinion. There really isn't much I liked other than the idea of what the story could be before I read it, it really ended up not being my taste in graphic novels.