Veracity (The Seven Cities, #1)

Veracity (The Seven Cities, #1) - Lindsey Stell I received a copy from the author personally in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Veracity is a futuristic, dystopian sci-fi novel and one that is very interesting to read. The story follows a woman named Katherine, who we're told prefers to be addressed as Kat, as she not only journeys in a direction she's told to go by a strange who has wiped her memories out because it's dangerous to know much about him, but also tries to acclimate herself back into the society she basically grew up in before she was taken away. While the worldbuilding is done well in some places and scattered throughout the book there were some parts that felt a bit sloppy due to minor errors that made a sort of big impact on the entire story as a whole, the biggest found when she talks to an elder man named Max who tells her about the Cleanse and says it happened six generations ago, although I'm still not sure whether he meant for himself or for Kat. The reasons behind me finding this an error can be found in my full review below. The characters stayed rather in character with their actions along the book except at the end. Also, the brother, who I wish I had a chance to form an opinion of in the book, was interesting in what little we see him in the book. Overall it was a very good book and well worth the read. Also, the meanings behind the city names we learn that I remember, Axiom and Veracity, were very interesting to learning and knowing those words reveals a small increment about how the cities run that I found a rather enjoyable tie-in to the book.

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