One is Enough by Love translated by Julianne Neville review

One is Enough - Love, Julianne Neville

I received this book in exchange for an honest review


One is Enough
Robert Love Translated by Julianne Neville
Released: 17th January, 2013

Book Summary:

Matsumoto-kun is just about to turn sixteen when he accidentally bumps into and injures his mysterious high school senpai, Mizushima-kun.

Now, he is bound to make it up to him. But the lines aren't clear on just how far this new angst-filled, steamy relationship will go?

What I like: It's a quick, sort of cute story. The art can be really good at some points, and the characters expressions were really nicely done as well. It does deal with some teen issues and they are sort of handled well to a point.


What I didn’t like: The art was pretty inconsistent, and the story line wasn't all that great for the most part. From having an instant love moment, to having a whiny and overly emotional character who continuously runs back to the character who hurts them sometimes on purpose, to a very stand-offish character who the main character falls instantly in love with at the beginning. The relationship the main character, named Matsumoto, and the character he falls in love with, Mizushima, seem to have a rather unhealthly relationship and while in the end everything works out I found myself counting the pages until I was finished with it.


Overall review: With inconsistent art, main characters who flop, and an easily predictable storyline this manga isn't all that memorable and certainly not something I'll read again. Interestingly enough, a side character named Sora seemed to be much more developed than either of the main characters to me and he has very few panels where he showed up and I was rather fond of him despite how little he showed up. While it definitely could have been better if it was longer, it was okay to me.


Recommend?: If you're new to yaoi manga it's sort of cheesy and it's a good intro to what many of the stories are about. For someone who has most likely read plenty of yaoi manga it isn't worth the read.

Goodreads: 2.5/5 Amazon: 2.8/5 Barnes&Nobles: —/5 BookDepository: —/5


My Rating: 2.8/5


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