The Gifted

The Gifted - Tamra Lassiter What I liked: This book was far from what I expected it to be. And I loved it. I expected Sara to have to go on the run for her life based on the summary, and from there who knows? But she doesn’t, and what happens to her is so much than I ever expected. I also love the variation of the people who Sara gets to meet who are like her, they were all pretty interesting and it was a lot of fun to try and guess where this book was going. Though, more often than not, I was actually wrong about the direction of the plot, it was no less entertaining and fun. The supporting characters all played what seemed like an important part into the story, especially Sara’s family. I was really intrigued about learning more about why her parents tried so hard to keep Sara hidden, and what it meant for Sara and the story for that to be important.

What I didn’t like: I felt like some parts were more rushed through than others, and some things just didn’t seem…as interesting as I’d hope they would. Not to say they didn’t play at least a semi-important part, I just wasn’t entirely invested in certain parts.

Overall Review: This book wasn’t what I expected going in to the story, because I expected a young girl who is on the run from some unknown force out to get her for her abilities (and some evil shenanigans ensue at points perhaps) while learning about why her parents are making her keep her gift of flight hidden. Yet, it veered far away from that in chapter one and instead of being disappointed like I’ve known myself to be, I became even more invested into the story to see just what happens and how everything plays out. I thought the characters were done well with making them more than just characters there for plot, and the plot itself was something I enjoyed reading.

Recommend?: If what I’ve mentioned in my review seems interesting to you then I hope you’ll give this book a chance! I really enjoyed it!