Stalking Shadows

Stalking Shadows - Tahlia Newland What I liked: There were plenty of plot twist and turns in the book to keep the reader guessing. I'm also really enjoying the was negative emotions manifest the demons and strengthen them, watching Ariel learn to control her emotions as her journey continues. I also enjoyed our new character, Twitchet who is a talking cat. I found Twitchet to be an entertaining character throughout the times he was present. There's still a large focus on the metaphysical aspect where positive thinking and clearing ones mind wins out against all the negative emotions. The writing is really nice and has some vivid moments where I can see the scenery in my mind about where these characters are.

What I didn't like: Sometimes there was too much focus on the Radiance which brought me out of what I was reading, as well as some inconsistencies and errors that were easily noticeable to me. It's not as smooth as I was hoping for it to be, especially where the ending is concerned because I felt it ended rather abruptly so it could lead into book three.

Overall Review: Stalking Shadows is a good follow-up to Lethal Inheritance, and doesn't suffer too much from the fact that it's a sequel book to what was a really good first book. While it does have some flaws within itself overall its got more of the same messages to teach inside as well as a new interesting character (Twitchet) who I adore and found quite entertaining!

Recommend?: I do! If you've read the first then you should read the second to see what happens next!