Demon's Grip

Demon's Grip - Tahlia Newland What I liked: Ariel grows a lot in this book with how she has to learn about how she feels about Nick and both accept that she has feelings for him, and learn how to manage these feelings since they're new to her. We see her talk with Walnut and reading between the lines of their conversations as well as what's spoken explore much of the spiritual themes that have been presented throughout the series so far. This book, while not filled with action like its predecessors and much slower in pace, has its own challenges that help Ariel grow to help her learn how to defeat the Rasama she must face. She isn't constantly moving from place to place, and we learn more about her. In many ways that made this book better than the others, especially how everything falls into place. Everything that happens, even Ariel's realization that she has feelings for Nick, has some interesting ways of turning on itself inside this book. We also see some very interesting things happen inside the University of Sheldra and meet a character who I thought would never appear again, which was quite a surprise as well as being a good one.

What I didn't like: While the book works well as a slower paced novel, sometimes it was a bit too slow for my liking and it felt like it was dragging.

Overall Review: I had to take a different approach when reading and reviewing this book because while the first two books were action-y and full of danger that was trying to get her while she was on the road, the dangers in this book were no less valuable to Ariel as she grows and learns about herself. I loved Namida in this book and what she does, and the development of Emot the demon as a character was an interesting one all in itself.

Recommend?: These books keep getting better the more you read, and so I'm definitely recommending you this one if you've read the first two!