One is Enough

One is Enough - Love, Julianne Neville I received this book in exchange for an honest review

A cute little romance story that deals with some common teen problems. I found that the story, while short, was good, and that everything was done okay in most places. The characters were distinct in some places with their voices and the way they spoke, but usually they seemed really similar and didn't have a distinctive voice. I really enjoyed the art style though, even if it was bit erratic, I found it really nice. I liked the plot because it did deal with some of the issues that many teens go through, though I wish it could have been more spread out over a longer time, it would have been nice to see more possibilities for the overall story. I however did not enjoy most of the characters since they seemed so two dimensional. This could have been helped if there were multiple volumes. Also, I found the main character we usually follow to be pretty whiny at times while the other one seemed pretty rude.

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