Broken World (Volume 1)

Broken World (Volume 1) - Kate L. Mary I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review

Broken World is a story about a woman named Vivian who leaves her life behind to go and reunite with her daughter who she gave up for adoption four years ago in the wake of a deadly virus that is killing a majority of the population. Even though the government is claiming that the virus is contained, people now have to have documents to leave their city to go anywhere. In the beginning she meets two brothers, Angus and Axl, after she is stranded and needs a ride to get to where her daughter is out in California. She doesn't trust them, but she is desperate to see her daughter and make sure she's okay. After she hitches a ride with the two brothers, they end up running into various other people who they bring with them as they make their way to California. Initially, they may have had to worry about the virus but as the story progresses they learn that they are better off worrying about the people that they encounter and whether or not they mean them harm. One of the things I liked most about it was that the zombies I was waiting for didn't appear until the end of the story, and having a backstory about how it all came about was good for the story, although generic since it is a virus. The characters are all interesting, and seem to tell you about themselves when they speak and how they act towards others. I think the false sense of security at the beginning of the book when the zombies still haven't appeared and the reasoning about why it wasn't know that people turned into them after dying was very well done. Overall, a very good book!