Hidden - Megg Jensen I received a copy of Hidden from the publisher via NetGalley

Hidden by Megg Jensen was a novel I enjoyed quite a bit. The mystery of the fog that surrounds the village, why people never return from the fog. It was catching. I loved the opening for the story with Sophia, it set the premise of the novel and gave me an intense wonder about what was happening and why it had happened. Even though I liked the book overall, there were issues with the plot and characters that I couldn't overlook. The village is never really given a set size, and we have no idea how big it actually is, or even how it maintains itself since it's cut off. Though, the way marriage is done was actually interesting, it's something I hadn't seen before. Bastian, one of our main characters, is a character who ended up surprising me in a way I hadn't expected of him since he seemed to be an honest and loyal person to Tressa (our true main character) and Conner. One of the flimsy characters of the book ended up being Henry, a character met way later into the novel. At first he was enjoyable, I liked him. Later on though.....yeah he was just plain annoying. I didn't like him anymore.
Overall this book is a good fantasy book, though it could have done with a bit more revision to help it be stronger.